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I’ve got crabs

More critters arrived today from fishmansfrags: 2 pom pom crabs (Lybia tesselata). Tanks probably a bit bigger than most would suggest for these tiny little beauts but as I have pretty open rockwork I thought I’d give it a go: …and a porcelain “crab” although it is a decapod it is not a “true” crab (Decapoda: Porcellanidae): Both of these I believe are truly reef safe. … Read entire article »

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Sump Layout

I have now added the macro algae (chaetomorpha) to the inlet section of my sump. To do this I have removed the Grotech Skimmer outside of the sump (which is why I purchased this model, it is level independant). All my solvent welds have held and I replaced the first 40mm upright pipe outlet from the skimmer with a same length section with a double union in the middle. This enables me to readjust the angle of the outlet (which would otherwise have been solvent welded in place). A very small dribble from the factory weld on the body. So far it hasn’t made the floor before evaporation gets it but I will keep an eye on it as far as salt creep goes. I may add some silicone to that seal … Read entire article »

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One Month On

FTS after 1 month, warts and all, not a lot has changed on the face of it but I believe the ecosystem has now stabilised – no new algal growth or diatoms/cyno present. I have done no mechanical cleaning in the tank/substrate other than the front and side glass and a few bits of stray long hair algae on the left. I have been propagting some rather nice long hair algae until I get my macroalgae setup in the sump. The algae in the tank has so much life on it at this point it is beneficial. I will also be leaving the back glass to “nature”. The turbos have stripped a lot of the algae back, I’d rather some is sustainable for the long term as food for the … Read entire article »

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More CuC

Some more CuC go in before the hatches get battened down for QT: A (Queen?) Conch (Lambis sp.). Has split most of it’s activity between rockwork and substrate. Got it on the cheap because the LFS thought it wasn’t looking 100%: An Orange Spotted Snail (Mitra sp.). This was supposed to be a shy and retiring snail that spends all it’s time hidden in the substrate. To date it has been nowhere but traversing the highest points of the rockwork presumably eating algae. This shot was immediately after introduction: Three (+1 DOA) Bumble Bees (Engina sp.). Have been very active but mainly on the rockwork not in the substrate: Down one Turbo due to it falling off and being eaten by a Babylonian Whelk/Narcissus before it could sort itself out. I will replace these … Read entire article »

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Long Hair Algae

Quick update on progress. Still looking to supplement the CuC. As you can see I have pretty much seen the “normal” hair algae completely recede from the rocks. Cheers Turbos. However I have been cultivating some Super Hair Algae which I’m rather proud of (hears gasps of horror from seasoned reefers): It all comes from one single root point and the turbos are completely flumuxed by it. I rather like it swaying in the current and it shouldn’t be too hard to pluck out come stocking time. I have also been training SAS – Secret Airy Snail. His ghillie suit is coming along nicely: I have also discovered I have a crab in the tank. The latest molt definitely had pincers. Hope he is a good guy. Made some minor changes in the sump area. … Read entire article »

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