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Pod Culturing

I can confirm the Wrasse is doing well and now greedily accepting Mysis. Very active in hunting out pods all day and her out of sandbed hours are getting more consistent every day. On the live food front I now have a culture going from ZM Systems. I was supplied 1ltr of mixed rots and pods and .5 litre of Phyto was backordered and arrived today (I have yet to setup the culture vessel for this). I was keen to recycle my tank water into the pod vessel because as stated I’m trying to run a system with as little water changing as possible. Any added saltwater presents a risk in elevating my salinity. So this is the setup: First water is taken from above my DSB after being filtered through a 53 micron mesh: This is … Read entire article »

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Finding the Right Food

I tried feeding the Wrasse some frozen zooplankton today but interestingly although it readily went for it and it was is a smaller feed than the mysis most, if not all, was spat back into the water column. Obviously not quite to taste. I will persist with a strained (mushed) mix of mysis and zooplankton over the next few days. Pod/rot culture arriving Tuesday so I will hopefully have the setup ready to roll right off the bat for dosing into the system. … Read entire article »

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The First Fish!

Breaking news – I have my first fish! Woohoo. Over the last few months I’d pretty much settled on getting a Leopard Wrasse at some point. They fit the bill – peaceful and will usually even coexist with conspecifics unlike a lot of other Wrasse. The main issue for me was their dislike of QT tanks so I decided that as I had no stock in my display I’d introduce one directly to my tank and effectively QT it there. Went to a LFS to help my mate choose some trops on Saturday and fell in love with a Black Leopard Wrasse (had to check the Marine stock out, as you do). I’ve never seen the black variant for sale and it was just cracking. I didn’t buy it there and then … Read entire article »

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Some extra tests as promised. NH3: 0.01 (but I find the Tropic Marin test really hard to read, could be less could be upto 0.05 but certainly not more) Ca: 360ppm Mg:1100ppm So Ca and Mg are a little lower than required and this is as anticipated. I haven’t dosed the tank as per instructions but at about half stated. So I will up the Osmoprep and Purple Up doses until the correct levels are reached. … Read entire article »

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Medusa feeding

As promised a slightly better pic of the medusa feeding: … Read entire article »

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Still no hair algae solution

I still need to raise my lighting to 100% but there is nothing (on the test kits) to suggest any nitrates/phosphates to fuel growth. Some of my potential stock will appreciate the odd bit of hait algae which is why I have tried to intervene manually as little as possible. Some more news – a new CuC addition in the guise of a Synapta maculata or Medusa worm. These can be tricky to keep happy in an aquarium but I observed this one feeding readily on detritus at the shop so I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a sponge commensal species. This one is currently about a foot long but they can grow to upto 2 metres long in the wild but I believe this species will probably top out … Read entire article »

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