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Diatom Eaters – Strombus luhuanus

Here is proof positive. Some good benthic bacterial clearing going on by my newly added Strombus (conch). The larger of the three is still hiding under the sand with periscope up. I am still hoping once the diatoms are cleared they will start on the epiphytical algae on the seagrasses. We shall see. … Read entire article »

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Colonial Tunicate, Botrylloides leachi

Fantastic find at the LFS – a stunning colonial tunicate which I believe is Botrylloides leachi. I have always found these organisms just as fascinating as corals and this is a stunning colour variant. I have placed it in an area just under the Vortech intake so it should get a lot of particulates pulled into it. I will attempt to spot feed it with some liquid feeds as well. My last attempt at keeping a tunicate didn’t fare so well sadly. The CuC annoyed it far too much and it kept on dropping its heads until it faded away. I’m hoping this form will prove more resilient. … Read entire article »

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Day 84 Video

httpv:// Haha, posted the video first for a change. Multibar and Kole still having the odd turf war. The Angel is generally oblivious to the Tangs aggression but I saw three nips out of the Tang so it must put it in it’s place once in a while. The Angel has shown no damage, maybe I should tell the Bristletooth that it has, well, erm, bristles for teeth. Purchased three more Strombus today to aid the battle against the diatoms. They should also naturally clean epiphytes from the seagrass. One is quite large, I was hesitant to buy more but with a complete lack of other molluscs and a huge sand bed for the volume of the system I’m hoping they will fare well. … Read entire article »

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Chromis viridis Shoal

Well I went and did it. Blame the pixies. I bought a shoal of ten Chromis viridis. I did do a lot of reading on Chromis, Apogon and Anthias (et al) and decided that the Chromis would be a good introduction to keeping shoals happy within a captive environment. These are perhaps unlikely candidates for a seagrass lagooon but I do believe shoals will adopt individual acropora sp. coral heads as a permanent home and my lagoon has one of these incorporated. The main issue is feeding little and very often. To me this is a mantra for any fish but especially so with shoals. Most bickering is as a result of two factors: Lack of natural predators Lack of available food The first promotes a boredom factor – idle hands syndrome – the second is simply … Read entire article »

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D&D Nanoscope / Mesoscope

Well, I invested in a new toy. A D&D Nanoscope. I quickly discovered it really doesn’t play well with DSLRs (as instructed). I managed somewhat of a video with my underwater videocam but only by zooming in – and in doing that I lost a lot of quality. By far the best results were found with the iPhone. It was a right pain trying to hold it and keep the scope still so today I knocked up an acrylic holder for the ‘scope and iphone. It worked really well. The scope is pushed into a tight fitting hole drilled into 1cm acrylic and the iphone is then tightly sandwiched in behind it with some soft pads to protect it. The scope is then mounted onto a tripod. There are some improvements to make – I … Read entire article »

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Day 77 Video

The nice Halophila growth continues this week. The Tang and Jawfish are looking active and happy. The Kole Tang is still doing a great job cleaning the seagrass of epiphytes. The benthic bac issues are slowly fading, hoooray! OK, probably premature but get it whilst you can I say. Here is the vid: httpv:// … Read entire article »

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Watching Grass Grow

Who thought it could be such a joyful thing? Lots of new Halophila growth. The larger grasses are not doing so well but that is to be expected. Hopefully they will spring back in a few weeks time. Another 7% water change tonight. Also cleaned the fine micron return socks out in the drained water. Some sections of the grasses needed a little replanting. A couple of Halophila rhizomes – which still had new growth on them even though they were taking a jaunt into the blue – and a couple of Cymodocea stems had hmmm… I would say aerated but that’s for the land lubbers… super benthic (hah!) roots. I have also been fiddling with the videocam settings. It is a Sanyo VPC CA9EX, submersible to 5 feet (so snorkeling only). The compromise is … Read entire article »

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New Cymodocea blade

As promised, the new growth can be seen coming from the main plat stem. It grows in between the two old leaves. The Halophila is now in full swing: … Read entire article »

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Day 70 video and the BBA club

Following on from my last post I was lucky enough to have Scott Fellman confirm that I am indeed seeing new growth, In fact in the ensuing days many new sprigs of Halophila are sprouting through! I am also seeing new blades on the Cymodocea. I will post some pictures tomorrow. The only plant not to show any visible new growth is the Syringodium – which is odd considering it initially appeared to have taken well to transplanting. It still looks healthy but it is certainly less dense than it was. I’d also like to thank Scott for his invaluable help by plugging his great article: Scott also brought up some points in discussion I should address. Most seagrasses don’t take too kindly to shipment and go through an initial period … Read entire article »

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New Halophila Growth??

I think I need help. I saw two fresh blades of seagrass poking up through my sand bed this morning and instantly started making baby talk noises in my head. I gave myself a sharp poke in the eye with an algae scraper to pull myself around. Not having seen new growth on Halophila ovalis before I’m not sure if it really is, or it is just old growth being uncovered. Anyway, I’m convincing myself it is fresh! … Read entire article »

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