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Bleached Bubbletip Anemone Update

The ‘Nem has taken some food every other day so far. It is definitely not “sticky” with the food yet and it has to be coaxed into it’s mouth. It has deflated quite a few times but on the bright side there is certainly a darker yellow tinge coming to the tentacle tips. I have read they tend to colour from the base of the tip but we shall see. Bonus pic of the day: top down jawfish: … Read entire article »

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A Long Awaited Update

I’ve been a slacker. There I said it. Bad news: had some RTN issues. I lost the hydno, a small green torch and the pink Alveopora. Good news: the Cat, cream Torch, Frogspawn and other Ric/mushes are doing really well. The seagrass is also more than holding it’s own. No additional corals for the time being until I get a full water param test done at TankTests. I just want to be sure everything is OK as regards the RTN outbreak. I did give in to a stunning (although somewhat bleached) BTA though – it’s best to grab one of these as they come through. It does have a little yellow colour to the tentacles but the red foot and tips are stunning. It will be interesting to see how it progresses. If it is … Read entire article »

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