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Tubastrea spp, The Sun Coral

I purchased a couple of Sun corals over the weekend. One has an orange flesh and the other a much more yellow colour. I had always planned to put these near the weir overhang and little cave system underneath. I have mounted one on a flat piece of live rock that I hope I can turn upside down – these corals are non-photosynthetic (don’t require light) as you may be aware. The yellow one is much more reticent at opening up both at the shop and at home. The orange one is much more willing. Here it is just before a good feed: Hopefully I can update the blog with a pic of the other when it comes out to play. Update: a couple more pics. Update 2: finally starting to open up nicely: … Read entire article »

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Decommissioning stress

Phew, finally got around to getting the Sand Wrasse out of the 600 litre system and I’m now just left with enough water to cycle the live rock. What a nightmare though. The Wrasse just wouldn’t play ball. I ended up getting about half the sand out of the bottom with a net to find the little bugger. Very murky and smelly tank ensued. It looked very upset in the bag ¬†whilst acclimatising to the new tank (the shallow lagoon). Perked up after a while though but went and sulked behind a rock when I let it out. It did eventually start to check out its new surroundings and all was good until the Tang took a sudden dislike to its new housemate. Ahh stress. Poor Wrasse has not been seen since. I think … Read entire article »

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