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Requirements and Aims

This fixture is going to be used for a shallow lagoon biotope aquarium. Much of the tank will be a mix of seagrass and macro algae. Seagrasses require quite a lot of light but it should not be overly blue in it’s make-up as is the trend in a lot of LED builds.

Here is a list of what I want to achieve from the DIY LED build:

1) Fixture raised at least 12 inches from the top of the aquarium. I want to be able to maintain the aquarium without moving the lighting unit. I want to be able to look top down into the aquarium.

2) Individual, easily interchangeable LED units. No gluing of indivdual dies so they are easily upgradeable or transferable to a new fixture as and when required.

3) Highest output LED dies possible. I want the least amount of soldering and mounting to achieve the required output.

4) Directable output. Let’s make use of the power of the LED. Directable light. Put the light where I need it, not necessarily flood everything evenly.

5) Dimmable via my GHL 1-10V line.

6) Cool white light but not blue. Blues may come later. This build is for a lagoon biotope not a deep water reef.

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