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Still no hair algae solution

I still need to raise my lighting to 100% but there is nothing (on the test kits) to suggest any nitrates/phosphates to fuel growth. Some of my potential stock will appreciate the odd bit of hait algae which is why I have tried to intervene manually as little as possible.

Some more news – a new CuC addition in the guise of a Synapta maculata or Medusa worm. These can be tricky to keep happy in an aquarium but I observed this one feeding readily on detritus at the shop so I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a sponge commensal species.

This one is currently about a foot long but they can grow to upto 2 metres long in the wild but I believe this species will probably top out at a quarter to half that. They are much thinner than a commonly seen cuke.

It spent the first few days touring the tank glass and rocks non-stop but has finally found a nice little spot to squeeze into and is feeding happily judging by it’s “deposits”. You’d currently be harded pushed to see it even though it is right at the front of the display. Fingers crossed it’ll thrive and help on the clean up duties.

The pic was a quick and dirty job, I’ll try for a better one in due course with the macro lens.


Because this is very active for a “cucumber” I have had to take precations to stop if being harmed by the Vortech which will pretty much suck a small child in and spit it out given half a chance.

I purchased a pond basket from a Koi shop and cut it to the width of the vortech and then snipped a hole out of the base the same size as the powerhead:


I zip-tied some small sucker feet onto the edge so that it would remain flat against the glass with no gap:


…and finally hey presto – a much safer Vortech.


The Vortech flow is not restricted in any way but the load is spread over a much larger area to protect any stray inhabitants. I have had to remove three or four snails from the powerhead in the past but they have all survived the experience. I somehow doubt the medusa would be so lucky.

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