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The First Fish!

Breaking news – I have my first fish! Woohoo.

Over the last few months I’d pretty much settled on getting a Leopard Wrasse at some point. They fit the bill – peaceful and will usually even coexist with conspecifics unlike a lot of other Wrasse. The main issue for me was their dislike of QT tanks so I decided that as I had no stock in my display I’d introduce one directly to my tank and effectively QT it there.

Went to a LFS to help my mate choose some trops on Saturday and fell in love with a Black Leopard Wrasse (had to check the Marine stock out, as you do). I’ve never seen the black variant for sale and it was just cracking. I didn’t buy it there and then but decided to make double sure and do some more research. I also fancied seeing it over a few days at the LFS.

So Wednesday it was bagged and released into it’s new home. It immediately retracted snorkels and dived for the sandbed schnell schnell schnell – where it stayed for two days but this morning I returned home from taking my poor little moggie to the vets to find it happily pod hunting in the front of my display!

I even tempted it with some frozen mysis this afternoon which it went for with relish, but did find a little large. Luckily my rot/pod culture will arrive shortly and until then it has plenty of life in the tank and I have purchased some frozen zooplankton which should prove a little more palatable.

Anyway enough rambling – the first pic – I’ll try and get a better one with the dorsal fully on show. Light levels are still a little low in the tank but I didn’t want to use the flash whilst it’s settling in.


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