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ADA Cube Garden Reef Conversion

I needed to whittle down my 5 aquariums to a more sensible number. Of course as any sane aquarist knows this can only mean that the first step is to purchase yet another. Cycling means overlap of Wiggins-esque proportions.

So, to get rid of my 15l and 30l marine nanos I purchase another 30l. Some people have more marine tanks than sense…

Ok ok you’re bored already. Bloody t’interweb generation. Here’s the pics so far:


The ADA Sticker and Siliconing is nice


Empty ADA Aquarium ready to be filled

ada-reef-conversion-1 ada-reef-conversion-2 ada-reef-conversion-3

At the back of the tank you can see the glass inlet and outlet to the canister filter. In this case I am using a Fluval G6. This is all I will use to generate flow within the display. The G6 is actually designed for much larger tanks. It has Three media baskets and two canister filters – one mechanical and one chemical that you can remove whilst the filter is still running.

The G6 also sports a fancy graphical display that shows Salinity, Temperature and flow along with historical graphs. I t also keeps track of when you need to renew or clean the filter cartridges.


Finally, the last piece of the puzzle is an inline heater. I did have soem pondering to do on this because most of the inlines are probably a little too powerful for my little pico but feedback on other forums suggests the latency isn’t an issue so here it is:


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