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Chromis viridis Shoal

Well I went and did it. Blame the pixies. I bought a shoal of ten Chromis viridis.


I did do a lot of reading on Chromis, Apogon and Anthias (et al) and decided that the Chromis would be a good introduction to keeping shoals happy within a captive environment. These are perhaps unlikely candidates for a seagrass lagooon but I do believe shoals will adopt individual acropora sp. coral heads as a permanent home and my lagoon has one of these incorporated.

The main issue is feeding little and very often. To me this is a mantra for any fish but especially so with shoals. Most bickering is as a result of two factors:

  • Lack of natural predators
  • Lack of available food

The first promotes a boredom factor – idle hands syndrome – the second is simply a survival instinct. Less feeds over a 24 hour period give the impression of a lack of food – even if the total amount fed is identical. A shoals natural reaction will be to kill the weakest fish. Again – this is not necessarily unique to shoals. Some evidence suggests that having a much arger fish in the tank can help small fish shoals – promoting predator evasion.

I also purchased 9 small and 1 large individual to keep the whip cracked.

I am going to invest in an auto feeder regardless of the fact I work at home and have the luxury to hand feed. I would like to apply some early morning feeds to the main display – I have noted the multibar feeds much more actively in the dawn/dusk just before lights on – and this is also when the Tang tends to pester it (usually coming off worse in the encounters but no one said they were the sharpest tool).

Impressions so far?

Lovely fish – I underrated their iridescent colours.

chromis-01-800 chromis-02-800

The shoal has not bickered and sticks together more than I anticipated (they are shoaling rather than schooling).

At night they all manage to wedge themselves together in the most unlikely of places and you would honestly think the tank was empty (currently in the QT).

Currently actively feeding on New Era Flake / Aquathrive Nourish pellets (although I should have gone for the smallest size) and Ocean Nutrition frozen Marine Mix.

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