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Day 70 video and the BBA club

Following on from my last post I was lucky enough to have Scott Fellman confirm that I am indeed seeing new growth, In fact in the ensuing days many new sprigs of Halophila are sprouting through! I am also seeing new blades on the Cymodocea. I will post some pictures tomorrow. The only plant not to show any visible new growth is the Syringodium – which is odd considering it initially appeared to have taken well to transplanting. It still looks healthy but it is certainly less dense than it was.

I’d also like to thank Scott for his invaluable help by plugging his great article:

Scott also brought up some points in discussion I should address. Most seagrasses don’t take too kindly to shipment and go through an initial period of shedding their foliage. Although mine was pretty bare rooted I did not see this happen to any great extent. I certainly have had some¬†defoliation, and this was in great part caused by the de-epiphytation (yes, I just made that word up) attention of the Kole Tang. Many of the original fronds and leaves are still thriving.

I’m not putting any additional nutrients into the system at this point. I have mulled over burying the dead foliage into the substrate – sort of composting the seabed… but I’m not sure how to do this without¬†disturbing¬†fragile root systems. Another option would be to bury smaller algae food pellets with a dibber of some sort. Another idea was to rot down the foliage and then inject it into the sand bed. Some future ideas to ponder…

I am pulling some seriously green skimmate. Not smelly but very green. At least a skimmer cupful a day (maybe 600ml?). I have turned the wetness down a tad today but I’m happy for it to come out in all honesty.

The Kole and Jawfish seem settled. I’m mulling over a shoal of Apogon at this point but they will come after my other fish are rehoused once I’m happy the new residents are sufficiently QT’d.

Oh… the BBA club. The first rule of the BBA club is don’t talk about the Benthic Bacteria Anonymous club…. Doh! Yes, Diatoms and Cyano are threatening the harmony. I’m going to try lots of water changes rather than anything clever.

Enough waffle… video:

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