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DIY Auto Topup

Rather than wearing pumps out on this build I wanted a simple gravity fed auto topup via a float valve.

My first try using 1/2″ RO parts was unsuccessful. The Torbeck style float valve required too much water pressure.

The second try was successful. The parts list I used is a little more extensive than it could be as a result of this. Rather than go with all 1/4″ tubing I decided to stick with the 1/2″ bulkhead and convert down to the 1/4″ required on the float valve.

The most important consideration is that you need a low pressure 1/4″ float valve which does not require a large head of water behind it.

The parts I used are from a UK based RO supplier:

Total cost = £21.84

Here is a video of it being tested:


…and here it is mounted on a DIY acrylic fixing:

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