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Seagrass Ahoy

The seagrass finally arrived today, and how!

I was expecting one rhizome per plant order but instead got a whole bag stuffed with seagrass. Waaaay too much in reality.

Here is how it arrived:


I learnt a lot from trying to plant the Cymodocea serrulata. I spread the roots out in one big bundle, dug a big hole in my substrate and tried to plant it. Epic fail. To be fair I gave it a good old go. In fact until I couldn’t see my hands anymore. A right pea souper….

So I took most of it back out and realised it was like a knotted balls of string. I probably unwound 10 or so plants (1 of which I was expecting). In some ways – bonus! In reality far too much!

So I planted about four pieces and left the tank at that. I am in fear of a massive spike from the sand bed disturbance but so far the fish looked (at most) annoyed.


Later that day, once the water had cleared after I had added some floss and a mesh bag to the overflow I had another go with the other seagrasses.

The Syringodium isoetifolium was in one big clump. Hmm been here before… but still it did look plantable. Yep, really pleased I managed to get it in the sand with minimal disturbance. I was starting to think I have kinda gotten the hang of planting seagrasses. I use a two finger fork like technique either side of the root and then wiggle from side to side down into the substrate. Seems to work well.

Next up was the paddle grass, Halophila ovalis. Wow, you don’t apreciate just how beautiful this little gem is until you see it up close. Marvellous stuff…. and I have two bursting bags of it. So I planted most of one bag in three clumps. One large ball, one medium and one small rhizome in the shallowest area. This was, after all, the main grass I wanted, the other two came as a trial just because I could.

So here is the final pre water cleared result. It already feels like I’m looking at a lagoon and not a reef. Looks magnificent. The hard bit is now to come – watch the die off and hope for the rebound in the coming weeks and months.


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