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Seagrass Clean Up Crew

This seagrass build certainly has a lot more critters than on my other tanks. Here is a shot of a couple. Brittle stars seem to love getting in and around the seagrassĀ rhizomes.


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  1. Pedro Gomes says:

    Thanks for the reply, well I see the grass in your blog looks nice, does it require a DSB?

    The Halophilia, well on my tank it didnt survive as I dont have the sugar sized tank the algae is mostly for a friend of mine that really loves algae it survived in his tank for couple of months then something happened and it died :/

    Well if you have any “different” types of algae me and him we like it so, when you can spare some I would appreciate it :D in the moment we dont have any different types, just the normal caulerpa, chaeto, other red algae cant rememebr the name but its common and halameda.


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