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The Mantis Tank is Born

With the purchase of the all acrylic TMC Aqua Habitat 30 Nano I finally had an off the shelf aquarium to start a Mantis display. I will be getting a Peacock Mantis within the next week so time was of the essence to get the tank set up.

Peacock mantis are smashers and are therefore both dangerous to human hands and also glass aquariums. My mantis will be about 4 inches to start with and the TMC Nano should easily house it but a custom tank may need to be acquired if and when it outgrows it.

So to start with here is the TMC Nano:


Secondly I needed some tools…


…more on those later.

Smasher type mantis shrimps live in rock and do not require a sand bed. To make doubly sure the base of the tank s protected I initially added a strong plate rock:


Then I added some Florida Crushed Coral to anchor it:


…and finally some gravel:


Then I started with a really nice hole filled rock that has been curing in an old system for the best part of 6 months. This is also where the tools came in. I added a few more inter-connecting tunnels because mantis shrimp like escape routes from their rock burrows.

Finally I added the rock:


…and filled the tank with salty stuff:


Hopefully it will be up to temp and nice and clear tomorrow.

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