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Trying NOT to feed the Tang

I’ve never been a huge fan of Tangs in reef tanks. You’d never have guessed huh? Still, my Kole is in their to do a job. Clean my seagrass of epiphytic algae and keep the rocks clean. Problem is, he likes flake and frozen a whole lot more. The cheek! Eating so much introduced food makes him lazy. Less browsing, more algae must ensue. To nip this in the bud I have been trying to search for food the Kole won’t eat. That’s not an easy task, after all Koles, like many Tangs, even eat poop. I have found two food types it seems to avoid. Floating pellets, in this case 0.5mm aquathrive, are one such. Cyclopeeze (frozen popsticle) is another. The Chromis devour both. The Jawfish will take a larger Ocean … Read entire article »

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