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Automated Water Changes and Salinity Maintenance

Equipment Required: GHL Computer Controller 2 x Dosing Pumps 2 x Level Controller Conductivity Probe 2 Containers Step 1 :: Setup the Timer For some reason you can only add 8 entries to a given Timer so I have gone for 8 entries of 15 minutes through the day (I believe 15 minutes is the maximum time you should run a dosing unit for). Step 2 :: Setup the Level I use Level 1 for my auto top-up, and this is placed in the last chamber of the sump. Level 3 has been added to the top of the water out container to stop it overflowing. Step 3 :: Setup Programmable Logic Logic G1 is true when the timer is active and the water out container is not full. Logic G4 is true when G1 is true and the Auto Top Off is … Read entire article »

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