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Diatom Eaters – Strombus luhuanus

Here is proof positive. Some good benthic bacterial clearing going on by my newly added Strombus (conch). The larger of the three is still hiding under the sand with periscope up. I am still hoping once the diatoms are cleared they will start on the epiphytical algae on the seagrasses. We shall see. … Read entire article »

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Day 56 Video, pH probe added

Attached is the bideo from Day 56. Some notes from the Trenches… The Kole Tang had 5 days of looking happy as Larry and eating all the diatoms in the tank, hoovering up flake and frozen food. Now he has had two days of sulking under the branch rock. A little bit of a worrying trait for a Tang. Currently, because it looks in good colour and is still quite alert and mooching about under there it may be it has a sore mouth / some other minor ailment. Certainly can’t be aggression and all the tank tests were spot on. On the note of ┬áparams – I calibrated and added the pH setup today. This will eventually have two probes – one connected and controlling the calcium reactor. The fighting conch has been … Read entire article »

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Day 49 video, Jawfish, Hermits and a Fighting Conch

Purchased a Jawfish (probably “ruby jawfish”) on Friday, two Halloween Hermit crabs (Ciliopagurus strigatus) and a fighting conch (very small). The Jawfish has finally settled after a few days of being quite shy. I dropped some pellets near the Jawfish’s hole this morning and it came out and readily ate them before they hit the sand bed. It’s also perched a lot higher out of its hole and all round more active. So the only potential worry from my purchases Friday is the conch which was quite a small one and has vanished. I’m a bit worried the Jawfish may have made a cave wall out of it… httpv:// … Read entire article »

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