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BiOrb Rotters

Many thanks to WillJay from UlitmateReef for sharing some of his rot and pod culture with me! I thought I’d make good use of the BiOrb which has a handy air stone to keep the little¬†blighters¬†moving. I had to tie a knot in the line though. I think they must have thought it was some deadly fairground ride for a while. … Read entire article »

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Pod Culturing

I can confirm the Wrasse is doing well and now greedily accepting Mysis. Very active in hunting out pods all day and her out of sandbed hours are getting more consistent every day. On the live food front I now have a culture going from ZM Systems. I was supplied 1ltr of mixed rots and pods and .5 litre of Phyto was backordered and arrived today (I have yet to setup the culture vessel for this). I was keen to recycle my tank water into the pod vessel because as stated I’m trying to run a system with as little water changing as possible. Any added saltwater presents a risk in elevating my salinity. So this is the setup: First water is taken from above my DSB after being filtered through a 53 micron mesh: This is … Read entire article »

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