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Good News, Bad News

A quick diary update. First the casualties. After a seemingly good start the Medusa Worm has sadly been getting smaller and smaller over the last few weeks and has now vanished from the system. I was going to fish it out into the sump and it might reappear yet but I fear the worst. I do have to say this is probably my last foray into that side of the invert world. Maybe these things should be left in the wild. The hearth Urchin has also died. I have no idea why it seemed active and healthy all along and was doing a grand job of keeping the substarte clean and sifted. No answer to this one. One of the Mithrax is also MIA. The female. I did catch the crabs mating about a … Read entire article »

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More Crab

Another fliping non-commensal crab, another Mithrax to be exact. The first one was decidedly a one algae crab. Shame it was coralline and not hair. The new model is much braver (or starved) and has been openly grazing the hair and just about anything else that crosses it’s path. … Read entire article »

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Tuxedo Urchin, Emerald Crab

Jabba is still moving slowly around the same rock. UPDATE: Still reading up and sadly this species of Sea Hare only live for a year until they spawn and usually die two days later. I guess I purchased Jabba just before it was due to spawn. Some piccys of the new inhabitants. A blue tuxedo urchin (Mespilla globulus): for reasons described above. A general maintenance bot that will eat all kinds of algae. I do agree that it is probably better for coralline to be kept under control as well, however nice it looks. …and (heresy!) an emerald mithrax crab (Mithrax sculptus). I really promised I wouldn’t put any non-commensal crabs in the system but prevention is better than cure at this point (I’ve learnt a hard lesson with not nipping the algae … Read entire article »

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I’ve got crabs

More critters arrived today from fishmansfrags: 2 pom pom crabs (Lybia tesselata). Tanks probably a bit bigger than most would suggest for these tiny little beauts but as I have pretty open rockwork I thought I’d give it a go: …and a porcelain “crab” although it is a decapod it is not a “true” crab (Decapoda: Porcellanidae): Both of these I believe are truly reef safe. … Read entire article »

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