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Day 35 Video… No News is Good News

Not a lot to report campers. That’s always good news. The diatoms have been combated with 3 dosings of ZeoZym but mostly by sand bed agitation with more flow. Tuned the skimmer a bit more as it beds in. All good there so far. Just done the first water change. 20ltrs. httpv:// … Read entire article »

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Aquarium Lagoon, Aquarists log, startdate 16

The strange brown material does not seem to be progressing too badly across the surface. However it has been joined by what we think is a bacterial scum on the water surface. Communication with these life forms has so far been unsuccessful. In an effort to deter the scum from forming we have put the MP40W turbines into night mode on an alternate day/night schedule to emulate an incoming and outgoing tidal circulation. We are hoping this will also entice more surface material into the weir where they can be dealt with by the foam fractionation device. … Read entire article »

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