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DIY Auto Topup

DIY Auto Topup

Rather than wearing pumps out on this build I wanted a simple gravity fed auto topup via a float valve. My first try using 1/2″ RO parts was unsuccessful. The Torbeck style float valve required too much water pressure. The second try was successful. The parts list I used is a little more extensive than it could be as a result of this. Rather than go with all 1/4″ tubing I decided to stick with the 1/2″ … Read entire article »

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DIY Weir Grill

Enclosed DIY weir grill constructed and added. It was cut on an old tile saw by hand. I was a little concerned about doing the weir grill but it has come out fine. There is an enclosed section in the same blue acrylic that will sit in front of this (already ready to go minus the cut outs for the Vortechs). Here is a small video showing it in action: httpv:// … Read entire article »

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