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Day 42 Video, Seagrasses inbound, New fish on horizon

Amwell have ordered my seagrasses and they should be here on the 19th!! …and I have reserved a Jawfish at the LFS. I’m guessing it is probably an undocumented species. Certainly doesn’t seem to match any on fishbase. I have seen mention of a “Ruby” Jawfish but it was never formally identified. httpv:// … Read entire article »

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First Coral, Pavona Maldivensis

So it is the end of week 4. Tests results were: NH3/NH4 0 PO4 0 (HS kit) NO2 0 NO3 4 So I added a coral I have had my eye on for about a year at the LFS. A quite unusual bronze Pavona Maldivensis: It is trying to slough some white epoxy off in the pic. It was a bitch to epoxy onto the branch piece and didn’t end up where I wanted it but where it stood without toppling. It got plopped upright on the end of a branch where any sweepers won’t interfere with the acros and montis that will come later. Apparently some Pavonas can be pretty aggressive. I’m hoping it will colour up a little more orangey (but not too orangey for crows). Some more interesting facts about Pavonas: …they like shallow water and … Read entire article »

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A Visit to Real Reefs and Starting Zeovit Dosing

Popped over to Real Reefs in Cheltenham today to get some Zeobak so I can start the Zeovit regime. Wow what a stunning setup they have. Some lovely mature fish and corals. All the tanks are impeccably clean. Phil seems incredibly¬†knowledgeable¬†and very sociable. He did ask one interesting question – as a fairly local bod why hadn’t I been before! No real answer to that one – it was my loss though. Very impressed. So, Day 12 of the tank and Day 1 of the Zeovit. I have dosed 15ml of Zeobak, 30ml of ZeoStart and 9ml of Sponge Power as a big starter dose. After this it will start to fall back to normal dosing as per the bottle. I also added 1 vial of BioDigest – another bacteria source. The cycle had … Read entire article »

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