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Bumble Bees

Added 10 more Bumble Bee snails to the main tank. My originals are all doing well and seem good little omnivores. They can certainly get to the parts other detrivores fail to reach. Did my first water change ever yesterday as part of filling the Nano with 50% new salt mix and 50% mature tank water. About 40 litres. Have a possible purchase planned for tomorrow. All might be revealed. … Read entire article »

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Mexican Turbo Snails

Da da daaa da da da daaa … Progress update…. Possibly lost the runty Pom Pom. Surprising because it had regained its second nem. It might have been a molt but a couple of snails were at it. Algae update: Overall it does seem to be on the wane. The Urchin has continued to selectively ignore the hair algae but has done a fantastic job of adorning itself with the life on my macro algae rock. Annoying as it is you have to marvel at the camouflage job. Even the SAS could learn a trick or two. The Mithrax crab or “Mr Picky” as it is now known has also studiously continued to ignore any of the hair or valonia and has pretty much stripped it’s home base rock of coralline leaving it … Read entire article »

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