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Day 70 video and the BBA club

Following on from my last post I was lucky enough to have Scott Fellman confirm that I am indeed seeing new growth, In fact in the ensuing days many new sprigs of Halophila are sprouting through! I am also seeing new blades on the Cymodocea. I will post some pictures tomorrow. The only plant not to show any visible new growth is the Syringodium – which is odd considering it initially appeared to have taken well to transplanting. It still looks healthy but it is certainly less dense than it was. I’d also like to thank Scott for his invaluable help by plugging his great article: Scott also brought up some points in discussion I should address. Most seagrasses don’t take too kindly to shipment and go through an initial period … Read entire article »

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Day 63 Video: Seagrass settling

A lot of the epiphytes have now been removed from the seagrasses by the Tang, hermit and water flow. I’m keeping an eye on the¬†Halloween¬†hermits to make sure they aren’t being too industrious. I have my suspicions… …but the Kole at least at this point appears to have no interest in scraping anything but algae. He has even left the Ulva alone. Here is the vid: httpv:// … Read entire article »

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