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Watching Grass Grow

Who thought it could be such a joyful thing? Lots of new Halophila growth. The larger grasses are not doing so well but that is to be expected. Hopefully they will spring back in a few weeks time. Another 7% water change tonight. Also cleaned the fine micron return socks out in the drained water. Some sections of the grasses needed a little replanting. A couple of Halophila rhizomes – which still had new growth on them even though they were taking a jaunt into the blue – and a couple of Cymodocea stems had hmmm… I would say aerated but that’s for the land lubbers… super benthic (hah!) roots. I have also been fiddling with the videocam settings. It is a Sanyo VPC CA9EX,¬†submersible¬†to 5 feet (so snorkeling only). The compromise is … Read entire article »

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Day 35 Video… No News is Good News

Not a lot to report campers. That’s always good news. The diatoms have been combated with 3 dosings of ZeoZym but mostly by sand bed agitation with more flow. Tuned the skimmer a bit more as it beds in. All good there so far. Just done the first water change. 20ltrs. httpv:// … Read entire article »

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