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Video Day 112

I have added some new live rock under the weir this week in an effort to give the CHromis somewhere to sleep. They have ignored it completely of course! The diatoms/dinos are stillĀ prevalentĀ and I have started taking a toothbrush to the seagrasses and branch rock. The good news is it really isn’t spreading back to the rockwork very quickly. Syphoning it off the sand bed simply sees it appear again within a day or so. I’m going to try a few small hermits if I can source them (Calcinus laevimanus). These are reputed to eat cyano although there is much debate. Simply sifting the sand is good enough. I am now dosing coral snow (3ml) every day and also dosing Zeozym once a week. I’m a little sceptical but I have the pots … Read entire article »

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Day 35 Video… No News is Good News

Not a lot to report campers. That’s always good news. The diatoms have been combated with 3 dosings of ZeoZym but mostly by sand bed agitation with more flow. Tuned the skimmer a bit more as it beds in. All good there so far. Just done the first water change. 20ltrs. httpv:// … Read entire article »

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