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Orphek PR-3 MR16 Aquarium LED Light Review

I have been testing Orphek’s PR-3 LED Spots for some time now. I’m a big fan of having some LED spots for reinforcing PAR values over specific corals or for lighting up those dark corners.

So first of all lets look at the spot itself. It consists of three 1W Orphek Power LED™ generation 2 emitters – two white and one blue.

orphek-led-pr3-box-1024 orphek-led-pr3-front-1024 orphek-led-pr3-front2-1024


As you can see the great thing is that the PR-3 is a standard MR16 format:

orphek-led-pr3-back-1024 orphek-led-pr3-heatsink-1024


This means it could be mounted into existing MR16 spot mounts or flexible clip on fitments such as this one (

Each bulb is also supplied with a mains driver. Each LED spot requires an individual driver and it would have been handy if the cables on these drivers was a little longer for remote mounting.

orphek-led-pr3-driver-1024 orphek-led-pr3-driver-spec-1024


So how do they fare in action?

First of all running temperature. I supplied no external cooling via fan etc. After running for a complete 10 hour lighting cycle the temperature maxed out at  50°C. This was measured at the hottest part of the heat sink. This suggest the LEDs should be well within standard working limits and should provide a good working lifetime.

Next, possibly the most important stats for reef keepers: the light output. I used an Apogee PAR sensor at different distances from the bulb. Here are the results:

  • 6 inches: 330 PAR
  • 12 inches: 72.5 PAR
  • 24 inches: 23.5 PAR

So these readings certainly confirm that these bulbs are aimed at the pico / nano tank market. This is where LEDs really shine. Keeping the heat out of the tank and providing a nice aesthetic.

Video comparison with the TMC Aquaray Mini LED 400 tile to come….

These will be priced at around $49 and should be available at Orphek dealers soon.

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